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Stateside Sports

Stateside Sports has quickly become one of the leading suppliers of NFL apparel and accessories throughout the UK.

The Brief

To create a brand that fits with the business' customer profile and to develop an online ecommerce solution that would provide a rich shopping experience.

Stateside Sports

The Overview

As a new business we were starting from scratch, the project started with a scoping session to determine the client’s requirements and start the creation process. We offered WooCommerce as the ideal platform as it gave a large amount of control to the client enabling them to manage and update the website, but also minimised ongoing maintenance costs while offering the level of scalability required to meet the company's growth plans.

The Tech

"Being a brand new start up business the biggest thing I needed was guidance from experts in the field. With iResources this is exactly what I got, a team that were there to turn my initial idea and passion into a living breathing product, which even surpassed my own expectations of what my company could look and feel like. The biggest compliment I can pay them is that at no point did I feel like I couldn’t ask a question or turn to them for an opinion. They don’t simply give you what you ask for, they guide you to what you and your business need."

Stateside Sports