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Neatly is an online business dashboard that allows you to view multiple data sources under one roof, removing the need for lots of tabs or messy spreadsheets!

The Brief

To create a mobile first SAAS platform that would integrate with a wide variety of data services via API and present the data in a simple and filtered format and allowing the user to view metrics from multiple sources on one dashboard.

The platform would allow users to be a linked to different companies and allow them to build their own portfolio of dashboards.

The Overview

To create a web application that was designed with mobile as the predominant device and allow a simple and easy setup.

The aim of this platform was to present a large amount of data in a simple and neat format to save time hunting around for the information required to run a successful business.

We agreed customer profiles and ensured that all requirements were met including the ability to manage multiple companies from one login, export PDF’s, create custom dashboards and more!

Another requirement was the development of a public API, allowing other companies to build their own dashboards and use as a client reporting tool.

The Tech