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The Institute of Agricultural Secretaries and Administrators (IAgSA) was incorporated in 1967 and is a professional organisation whose members offer a wide range of services to farming and rural businesses in the UK. IAgSA is respected throughout the farming and rural business industry.

The Brief

The organisation had grown over the last 10 years and required additional functionality that was not currently possible with their existing platform.

There was also a need to redesign the public facing website, ensuring it conveyed the correct message across multiple devices.


The Overview

IAgSA provide a wide range of services to the agricultural sector including a CPD (Continuing Professional Development) section where users can record their learning and a wide range of training events throughout the UK.

Their existing platform required a large amount of manual work, particularly at member renewal time and events were manually registered.

We analysed the current platform and discussed future requirements for the organisation to ensure the platform would scale as the organisation required.

The new website platform included the following services:

  • Online Shop
  • Forums
  • Member Profile
  • CPD Log and Skills Development Plan
  • Online Events System
  • Content Management System

The Tech