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Herbfarmacy is based In the beautiful Welsh Border county of Herefordshire – home to many organic growers and producers. They are currently the only UK company who grow and process the herbs to make their own skin care products on the farm.

The Brief

With a strong presence outside of the UK, Herbfarmacy wanted to develop their website to allow them to sell globally and also create a platform that would improve their order management process and provide a portal that would allow the processing of trade orders.


The Overview

We recommended Magento due to it flexibility to customise for the clients requirements and importantly its multi store functionality.

Working with an external brand company, we created a new design for their web presence that mirrored their new product launches.

We customised Magento so that the order management process was tailored around the business requirements, something that was not possible with their previous platform and utilised Magento’s multi store functionality to create a separate trade portal that is only accessible upon acceptance from the business.

The previous website had a large number of external links, and organic traffic from search results was the main traffic source. To maintain this organic traffic and to minimise 404’s, we devised a migration strategy to move Herbfarmacy not only to a new URL structure, but also from a to a .com suffix.