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Gateshead College

Gateshead College are one of the leading further education providers in the UK and offer a wide range of services.

The Brief

To create a mobile web based solution that would allow team members in the field to share a wide range of information from a centrally located database and to tailor this information for each individual client.

The application needed to be user friendly and provide the ability to share information with ease.

Gateshead College

The Overview

We determined the pain points of the current process including out of date information, inconsistent branding and the need to carry a lot of paper around!

We proposed a central database of all information required, with the ability to create bespoke documents in PDF format so mobile workers could access current and accurate information and create proposals ‘on the go’

The platform provides comprehensive reporting features and allows managers to view what documents have been sent to which client, enabling a consistent business development process.

The platform also allows team members to upload and share their own resources, prior to this platform this was done on an ad hoc basis with the use of email.

The platform also integrates with Salesforce to ensure all client data is kept up to date and duplication is minimised.

The Tech

"The team is incredibly collaborative and flexible. They worked with us to create a beautifully intuitive solution that we didn’t even know was possible."